Anwar Hadid Gets Real About Growing Up with Supermodel Sisters — And His Fashion Future

Anwar Hadid Gets Real About Growing Up with Supermodel Sisters — And His Fashion Future

This is just one half of our awesome June/July cover story, starring Cameron Dallas and Anwar Hadid. Read the profile and see extra pictures on Cameron here!

Anwar Hadid has a lot to live up to. Let’s forget for a second his sisters Gigi’s and Bella’s rather sudden fashion and social media takeover, which has ingrained the Hadid name into our pop-culture vernacular. When you Google Anwar’s Arabic first name, varying synonyms for “luminous” appear. The youngest of the glam Hadid brood was seemingly branded to shine bright like a diamond the moment he was born.

Despite the success of his sisters, and the notoriety of his parents — his mom is Dutch former model and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster, and his father, Mohamed, is a real estate mogul — Anwar doesn’t seem concerned about any newfound attention. He seems like a typical California dude who accidentally stumbled into fame and thought, Sure, why not.

Arriving early to his first cover shoot, he exudes a confident swagger that never borders on arrogance or know-it-all pretension. In fact Anwar is to be perfectly fine with not knowing it all — at least for now.

Photographed by Coco Capitán

His low-key nonchalance, gracious attitude, and old-school good looks (I’m seeing a bit of Jimmy Stewart and James Dean with a bit of Brando mixed in) set this guy apart from the sea of hungry, disenchanted Los Angeles youth desperate for attention. “I try not to think about anyone’s expectations but rather focus on always doing my personal best,” states the 16-year-old who, like his sisters before him, was signed with IMG Models this past February. “Modeling was never a thought in my mind growing up, but my mom felt it was important for me to be open to business opportunities and expand my horizons. I’m excited to go for it!”

Having interviewed Gigi and Bella multiple times at varying points in their careers, I’ve always been struck by their refusal to let fame get to their heads. Though they were raised in a world where a cross-country private jet ride is par for the course and they now have more than 20 million Instagram followers between them, the sisters are down-to-earth, with good senses of humor. Anwar, an avid Lakers fan and video game enthusiast, is no exception. “I think our family motto is to always work hard, be humble, kind, and thoughtful about others around us,” says the self-proclaimed mama’s boy. “I’m comfortable around girls because I grew up with two sisters and a single mom. I feel very lucky for all they have taught me.” His tight-knit fam is giving the fresh face a crash course on being in front of the camera. “They tell me to be myself, have fun, and focus on eye expressions,” he admits, demonstrating a quick bad-boy smize with a laugh.

He is seen running around with pal Jaden Smith and heartthrob Lucky Blue Smith, who has also proved to be good support. “It’s nice to have a friend in the business. We ask each other for advice and opinions on things we are doing,” reveals Anwar, who leaves the competitiveness for the soccer and football fields. “I don’t feel any of that.


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