6 Unsaid Rules of Rummy You Must Know

India is a nation of rummy players. You are sure to find the maximum number of rummy players in India. That is why the different tricks and tactics of the game also amuse Indians most. So, if you are one of those Indian rummy fans, here are some simple tricks and tips that are unsaid yet known to most rummy players. Read along and gain the knowledge all expert rummy players possess:

Never Stock Jokers Before Forming the Pure Sequence

Stocking the jokers is the habit of amateurs. People who are new to the rummy games and have heard how jokers can help completing sets and sequences tend to stock jokers. However, everything has a flip side. Jokers are bonuses but they come handy only once your pure sequence is formed. Stocking too many jokers may sometimes prevent you from completing your pure sequence. This may eventually lead you to lose the game in spite of having all good cards. This is the reason it is best to first focus on pure sequence and then gather jokers. There is no harm in using a pulled-out joker to complete a pure sequence either.

Never Reveal Through Expressions What You Hold in Your Hand

This is a tip that is particularly useful for all offline rummy players. Your expressions matter when you play rummy with friends or family offline. You need to have control over your body language and expressions. You must make sure you do not reveal what you feel when you receive the most-awaited card or when you complete your pure sequence.

Never Make Melds Before the Life is Formed

A good rummy player knows that forming the pure sequence is the first priority. One should not neglect this aspect or he won’t win. Many players excitedly form melds in the beginning of the game and this prevents them from completing their life. They eventually lose the game. You need to keep the life as your first priority. Make a meld only once your pure and real sequences are formed. Remember that your hand is counted as a full hand till your pure and real sequences are formed.

Never Pick from Disposed Pile till Life is Formed

The disposed pile is the term used to describe the pile of cards that are disposed by players each time they pick a card from the deck. The cards in the disposed pile are visible to all. That is why it is suggested that one should never pick from the disposed pile till the pure and real sequences are formed. Otherwise the opponent will get to guess the cards in your hand will act in accordance.

Avoid Picking the Open Card to Make a Set

Be it the 13 cards rummy game or any other variation, the first card is always left open for everyone to see. This is done because at the start of the game there is no disposed pile. The open card plays the role of the top card in the disposed pile. When you play the first chance, you have an option to pick the open card or the next card in the deck.

Pick the open card only if it completes your life. If this does not happen, avoid the temptation to pick open card simply to complete sets. This is because at the beginning of the game everyone is watching your moves. You need to be a cautious player if you wish to beat the opponent and win the game.

It Is Better to Quit Than to Lose the Game

In the various rummy variations, the player is provided with an option to pass his turn. He may quit at the beginning of the game or half way through the game. The penalty charged varies based on the following factors:

  • When the player quits the game, at the beginning or half way through the game
  • Which variation of rummy is the player playing

A player must pass his turn if he sees that the chances to make a pure sequence are bleak. It is always better to quit the game than to lose it.

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